Contracting Services

My best clients are the ones with new and disruptive ideas. At the end, I do everything I can to create useful and powerful documents that produces results for my clients.

Personal Coaching

The road to success is not easy, but it is not impossible. Click here to find more.

Business Consulting

I ask many questions, do a lot of research, propose new ideas, explore diverse channel of distribution

Medical Contractor

I only work for clients that want high quality scientific, nutritional, fitness, health or consulting.

No Code Builder

I build your MVP with no code tools on airtable, Integromat (Make), ActiveCampaign and Manychat. I do it on time and under budget.


Many physician colleagues reach out regularly to ask for help, and seek advice on business matters, burn outs issues and alternative options to clinical work. Also, many struggle to build MVP that works. Through this website, I intend to keep an online presence, learn from projects, and help as many people as possible.