The most important two skills have been creating and selling. Waiting to be "ready", will crush your dreams and rob the world of your creative power. Do it now. Do it wrong. Then, do it again. Better. We arm you with specific knowledge, accountability, and leverage. Let me help you become the best in the world at what you do. You will be able to keep defining what you do until this is true.

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How Tech Can Get You 10x Business?

Automating processes is the most important goal needed to scale. This will need a deep understanding of technology and its integration into the business process. Wether it is to generate daily leads, to scheduling interviews, and finding the right products to sell on the internet, having a solid technology to support you. Let's get started.

Areas Of Expertise


Some business plans are designed to get a loan from a bank, others to get potential investors excited about a project. Most of the time it they are tools to raise money, but all the time, it should be an instrument to guide your future.


Investors, regulators, and business professionals receive hundreds of business plans and presentations, and yours has to catch their attention at first glance. I create eye-catching graphs that help explain and communicate the content.


Business plans have to make sense by calculating reliable estimates, outlining feasible plans, and supporting claims. Avoid freelancers who just paste information into a template. I have experience in all the processes involved in closing business deals.


Customer Value Proposition (CVP), management team, and Market overview: Competitors, and customers. Targeting, Positioning, & Product Descriptions.


Specialized in provoking conversations via professional presentations, brand identity, and graphic design. Through careful attention to detail and strong communication skills, I deliver optimal results within tight deadlines.


The keys to success are a winning concept and a clear plan. From starting a business or creating & launching a new product, to growing profits and expanding into new markets, I’ll work with you to develop strategies and write plans that work.

How To Start?

A Step By Step Approach

1) I will conduct a clear evaluation of your business challenges and provide solutions along with in depth market analysis for your ideas, products or services. 2) I will provide you with a report on how to increase your cash flow right now with two out of the box strategies 3) I will briefly outline the path to growing your business with priority action lists. I will share the same formulas I have used to double and triple my business revenues. 4) I will lay down a 12 months strategy for you to follow. 5) I will evaluate briefly a marketing strategy and define at least one persona in detail. I will introduce you to funnels and email campaigns and provide copywriting services. 6) I will help you establish KPIs to interpret important metrics. I will guide you on how to use the power of Facebook, Instagram, and conversations to get higher conversions. 7) I will write you a section about team and individual strategies, motivation, coaching and planning. From script development to team building and making sales. 8) I will show you direct Response copywriting. Effective, and straight to the point with more than 60% closing through conversations with ready made script and pitches that are adaptable.

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