Medical Consulting

I only work for clients that want high quality scientific, nutritional, fitness, health or medical writing that creates results - websites that sell, books that get read and supplements that work! Typical projects include medical writing, editing and proofreading, new supplement formulations and consulting in medical, science, clinical trials and health fields. There is no job too big or too small.

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Why Hire Me For Clinical Trials?

Areas Of Expertise

Patients Recruitment

Most Trials of rare diseases struggle with patient recruitment. By tapping into my physician's network, we can can work on a strategy to select the best sites and research to find the right demographics.

Sites Initiation Visits

Completing paperwork and communicating during an SIV are daunting tasks. Every step has to be well documented and time stamped. I have developed a decentralized approach to get an SIV done in less than 4 weeks.

Sites Negotiations

Negotiating with clinical sites is a delicate matter. While preserving the budget of the sponsor, the clinical site has to feel well compensated for conducting the trial. 10 years of negotiations skilss at your service.

Medical Writing

Expertise in scientific manuscript writing, editing of theses, dissertations and scientific articles for publishing in peer-reviewed journals. Drafting whitepapers in the field of life/biomedical sciences.

Medical Networking

Specialized in connecting with other healthcare workers and maintaining long lasting relationships. through conversations, seminars, conferences and physicians networking social groups,

FDA Regulations

Quality Assurance and Compliance are the major pillars of a successful clinical trial. Knowing the audit checkpoints and combining it with a solid decentralized management process is a recipe for success.

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